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A translation & simultaneous interpretation company from Colombia

We have built a service portfolio with pretty high standards –

Simultaneous Interpretation

COVID-19 has changed the way people meet and work, but not our service portfolio. By providing virtual simultaneous interpretation, we've got you covered in all major platforms including GoToMeeting,, Skype and Zoom.

Text Translation

We are still here until AI takes over –properly, that is. We transcribe audio and video files, and provide clear, inteligible translation of technical and scientific documentation.

Mobile Solutions

¿3 clients/meetings the same day? We solve your interpretation and communication needs with wireless, portable equipment that do not interrupt the flow of your meetings, accommodating as many attendants as required.

Technology & Resources

- Digital recording of audio and video
- Infrared devices and transmission
- Streaming
- LED screens and more

– And our customers bear witness
to the excellence of our services

We conducted a two-day technical seminar in two cities of Colombia (Cali and Medellín) where Japanese experts made several presentations about pumping systems. We know that simultaneous interpretation is a job that requires a lot of experience and ARS DICTUM demonstrated exactly that during our seminars. Because of this we can recommend their work, as it was of an incredibly high level.

Ebara Bombas América do Sul Ltda.Cali & Medellín

We thank ARS DICTUM for their great performance during our International Congress of Laboratories. They were quite fluid with all topics and with the technical terminology, which can be difficult to translate. Our international experts acknowledged their expertise and the competent handling of the terminology, intonation and nuances of their interpretation services.

Asociación Colombiana de Laboratorios | ASOCOLABDirection of Marketing Services. Bogotá DC

ARS DICTUM provided simultaneous translation services during a technical training session on chemical analysis. All topics shown and explained were properly understood by the participants, because of the excellent interpretation job they did. ARS DICTUM is a very responsible company.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization | UNIDOBogotá DC, Medellín

We want to thank ARS DICTUM for the excellent job they did. The knowledge ARS DICTUM has on medical devices -and on our portfolio specifically- was an added value for Philips Healthcare. This was without a doubt the key to success for the positive comments and results that all participants shared with us.

Philips HealthcareMonitoring Analytics & Therapeutic Care | North LatAm

The Directorate of International Relations of the Colombian National Army, thanks ARS DICTUM for the excellent simultaneous interpretation service they have provided in English, Portuguese and Spanish during our international events.

Ejército Nacional de Colombia. Dirección de Relaciones Internacionales | DIRIEBogotá DC, Valledupar

From the Office of Interinstitutional Relations at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, we are pleased to thank ARS DICTUM for their quality simultaneous interpretation services in English, Portuguese and Spanish during the ‘I International Congress on Progress and Pedagogical Perspectives over Integration of Technology in Education’ conducted by our IT Department and UNESCO.

Universidad Pedagógica NacionalOficina de Relaciones Interinstitucionales

We are pleased with ARS DICTUM; the quality of their services, their accountability and organization made the simultaneous interpretation of a four-day technical course, a fluid and timely experience for participants who did not dominate the English language. Thanks to ARS DICTUM we were able to offer our international certification course to more participants.

Sperta ConsultingBogotá DC

ARS DICTUM was our ally in performing bi-directional simultaneous interpretation into English and Spanish during an event with top executives. Their team was quite punctual, professional and committed from the beginning until the end of our event. It was wonderful working with ARS DICTUM and we are certain we will engage them in projects ahead.

Arquitectura e Interiores | AEIBogotá DC

ARS DICTUM translated my website – – paying special attention to the technical legal terminology. They were punctual and efficient.

Sandra Afanador, AbogadaDerecho Laboral y de Seguridad Social

We are quite grateful to ARS DICTUM for the simultaneous interpretation service they provided during the execution of a training program on quality. They thoroughly met our expectations; they are a very professional, responsible and efficient team which Groupe SEB will surely engage for future events.

Groupe SEBThe World Reference In Small Domestic Equipment

ARS DICTUM was present during the launch of our new 3-phase UPS systems. They were able to clearly convey our message to all attendants, in a timely fashion. We are quite satisfied with the simultaneous interpretation services provided by them.

Tripp LiteBogotá DC

We are quite pleased with the job made, they actually exceeded our expectations. ARS DICTUM did a complete, effective and organized job, with a team showing a great disposition.

RockstartStartup Accelerator


Our Company

ARS DICTUM is a company present in all major cities in Colombia, and it is composed by a team of specialized Translators and Conference Interpreters, who have a knack for service.


Along with several years’ experience translating for different industries, we understand that knowing our clients, along with their needs, is fundamental to achieve competent translation and interpretation.  A fluid Interpreter who would not engage or take full ownership of the requirements of each client and project, will be of little value.


As a leading provider in the translation and simultaneous interpretation arena in Colombia, ARS DICTUM strives to deliver quality services that solve the communication challenges of all our clients.


To properly select a provider of translation services, find out what their fields of expertise are and in which of those they excel. In that way you guarantee the development of your business and events as in your native language.

These are some fields in which ARS DICTUM has provided high-quality translation and interpretation services:


- Crop models and yield risk analysis
- Quality linked to geographical origin and sustainable geographical indications
- Strategies to reduce climate risk in agriculture
- Use of agricultural practices and crop management

Business Management

- Digital transformation of the user experience
- Implementation of IT systems (CRM, ERP, Supply Chain Mgt.)
- Instruments of inclusive economic development and competitiveness
- Risk management for conformity assessment bodies
- Scaled agile framework (SAFe) for lean enterprises


- Acidifiers in pet foods - benefits of sodium bisulfate
- Analytical approach for quantification methods for preservatives in cosmetics
- Chemometrics and statistical analysis
- Constant evolution of the international system of units (SI)
- Latest advances in analytical methods of measurement
- OECD Good Laboratory Practice
- Redefinition of the mole and its impact on future measurements
- Traceability in chemical measurements


- Intercultural learning strategies and global citizenship
- Pedagogical perspectives on the integration of technology in education
- Teacher-Student interactions: measurement, impact, improvement and policy design

Industrial Development

- Development and implementation of eco-industrial parks
- Industrial steam systems assessment and optimization
- MRI Patient Monitoring System
- Multilayer packaging technologies and sustainable product innovation
- New applications of 3-phase UPS systems
- Optimization of industrial pumping systems
- Supplier development programs in the automotive industry
- Technical aspects and design of pumping systems

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